Wallings Reach Golden Wedding Day

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney D. Walling will hold open house Sunday, Oct. 12th, at their home, 633 W. 8th Ave., in observance of their golden wedding anniversary. Friends are invited to call between 2 and 5 p.m.

Nettie (Ingram) Walling was born and raised in Richhill, Mo., and Sidney Walling in Boise, Idaho. They were married in Portland, Ore., in 1908, moved to Idaho and homesteaded a ranch. Mr. Walling later was a trucker and dairyman.

In 1939 he organized a theater circuit known as the Walling Circuit and moved to Mabel, Ore. The circuit covered many places, including Siletz, Brownsville, Yoncalla, Creswell, Marcola and DePoe Bay. He retired in 1948 and they came to Eugene to live.

The Wallings have three sons and a daughter: Stewart Walling, formerly of Stewart, B.C., now of Eugene; Francis Walling, Marcola; David Walling, Eugene; Mrs. Arthur (Anna Mae) Johnson, Creswell. There are eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, all in the Eugene area.

For many years the Wallings have been active members of the Circle 8 Square Dance Club and one of the oldest couples in the group. They belong to the Golden Age Club and Mrs. Walling is a charter member of the Grandmothers Club.

Source: Eugene Guard, October 7, 1958.

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