Pre-Nuptial Parties Held For Virginia House Of Corvallis

Miss Virginia House has been the guest of honor at several pre-nuptial parties during the past few weeks. Miss House, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil E. House, is the bride to be of Gary R. Walling, Tacoma, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Walling of Salem. The couple will be wed at the First Methodist Church Corvallis on Sunday. The couple will make their home in Tacoma where Mr. Walling is assistant credit manager of Rhodes department store.

A miscellaneous shower and dessert party was given by Mrs. Royal Doty, 4050 Philomath Road, Oct. 13th with Mrs. Merle Doty and Mrs. Leland Dudley as co-hostesses. A table with a sheet cake decorated with a large open umbrella and wedding bells was the center of attraction surrounded with the many gifts.

Guests in Attendance

Attending were Mrs. Virgil House, Mrs. Clifford Walling, Mrs. Paul Scharn, grandmother of the bride-groom, Mrs. Robert Webster and Mrs. Myron Scharn of Salem, Mrs. Steven Waltner, Miss Diane Freeman, Mrs. Ivan Glider, Mrs. Murray Marquiss and Mrs. Leo Wilberger. Mrs. William Lane was unable to attend but sent a gift.

On Thursday evening, Oct. 21, Mrs. Gerald Dumont and Mrs. Albert Pochurek entertained at the Dumont home on Elmwood Drive with a dessert and linen shower. Games were played during the evening. The gifts were arranged around a table which had a large centerpiece of bronze and yellow chrysanthemums and candles. A snow white cake topped with a large pink heart, white doves and gold wedding ring also adorned the table.

Party Number 3

Those in attendance were Mrs. Virgil House, Mrs. George Simerville, Mrs. Earl Asbahr, Mrs. Dave Hendrickson, Mrs. Neil Crawford, Mrs. Merle Bogart, Mrs. Everett Rice, Mrs. Ray Woodman, Mrs. Sid Lewis, Mrs. Eugene Newton, and Miss Diane Freeman. Sending gifts but unable to attend were Mrs. Gerald Jones, Albany, Mrs. Paul Goodwin, Mrs. Jack Miller, Mrs. Dennis Sekermestrovich, Mrs. Michael Goodwin, Mrs. Helen Miner and Mrs. Clifford Walling of Salem.

Wednesday evening Nov. 3rd, Mrs. Neil Crawford and her mother, Mrs, Berle [sic], entertained at the Crawford home, 1650 North 13th, with a kitchen and dessert party. Games were played during the evening, with prizes given. The prizes were all given to Miss House, along with recipes and a basket of canned goods, brought by each guest. In keeping with the season, the Crawford home was decorated with colorful autumn leaves and pumpkins. A cornucopia, full of fruits, centered the table, with a large punch bowl at one end of orange fizz with ice and miniature leaves floating on top, was very much in use during the evening. Pumpkin pie and coffee were served later.

Attending were Mrs. Clifford Walling and Mrs. Paul Scharn, Mrs. Virgil House, Mrs. Floyd Dubois, Mrs. Gerald Dumont, Mrs. Albert Pochurek, Mrs. Norris Perkins, Mrs. Francis Ives, Mrs. Larry Perkins, Mrs. Howard Marcum, Mrs. Larry Cloark and Miss Diane Freeman. Mrs. Cecil Barker, Mrs. Terry Barker and Mrs. Ted Steinel sent gifts but were not able to attend.

Mrs. Sid Lewis and Miss Barbara Lewis of Portland entertained with a dinner party at the Country Club Friday night, November 5th. Attending were Mrs. Virgil House, Mrs. Floyd Dubois and Miss Diane Freeman.

Source: Corvallis Gazette-Times, November 20, 1965.

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