James W. Mott

James W. Mott, candidate for the republican nomination for congress, is one of the outstanding figures in the public life of Oregon—a man with an established record of constructive leadership and accomplishment.

As Corporation Commissioner

As present Corporation Commissioner in the administration of Governor Meier, Mr. Mott has during the past twelve months performed the herculean job of ridding the state of financial racketeering. He has to date convicted every financial outlaw he has prosecuted, has restored the building and loan business of the state to a sound condition and has saved millions of dollars to the investors of Oregon.

As a Legislator

As a member of the state legislature during the past four sessions, Mr. Mott has achieved the unique distinction of having secured, by his own bills, the enactment of every piece of legislation, without exception, in which the districts he represented were interested. He is the author of many of Oregon’s most important laws and has had a leading part in the enactment of all progressive legislation passed since 1923.

What the Records Show

Mr. Mott’s record shows not only that he knows what his constituents are entitled to, but that he also knows how to get it.


Paid adv. Mott for Congress Com.
Wm. P. Elis, Chmn.

Source: Salem Capital Journal, May 5, 1932.

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