Sloop Capsized; Crew of 5 Perish

Heavy Sea at Newport Harbor Overturns Craft.

Lack of Familiarity With South Spit Brings Disaster to Fishing Craft Pilgrim.

NEWPORK [sic], Or., Oct. 5.—(Special.)—Crossing over South Spit bar with a heavy sea rolling and a crew unfamiliar with the harbor entrance, the fishing sloop Pilgrim capsized at 5 o’clock this evening and the crew of five men were lost.

The missing are: Claud Toner, owner of the craft; J.W. McKenzie, engineer; Tarl Telefson, master, and Forest Wooster and Michael Henry aides.

The life-saving crew here hastened to give assistance, with the launch Ollie S., but the little vessel turned turtle too quickly and dumped its human freight into the sea before any possible aid could be given.

It is practically certain that the crew was anything but familiar with the harbor approach or no attempt would have been made to cross in under such a big sea breaking over the spit.

The vessel was carried along the beach for two miles south of the entrance.

Up to a late hour tonight none of the bodies have been recovered. The life-saving crew continues to patrol the beach.

Source: Portland Oregonian, October 6, 1912.


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