News from Cass City, MI

Amzy Clay had the pleasure of receiving a letter from a brother last week living at Unionville, Orange Co., N.Y., from whom he had not heard for several years. (Cass City Chronicle, May 10, 1895)

Highway Commission Chas. Schrader has been doing some good work in placing a railing at the brink of the river where it cuts into the road at the point at the ox-bow opposite Amzy Clay’s. This has been a very dangerous place for several years. (Cass City Chronicle, May 4, 1906)

Amzy Clay is on the sick list. (Cass City Chronicle, October 25, 1907)

The Misses Ida and Anna Clay hear the story is going around that they are going to move away. Such has not been their intention, and they will not go off the place. This is the last summer they can spend in the old home, and they wish to spend it all there. So if they go it will be pure compulsion–nothing else, without it should be fear for their own well being which would be the same thing. (Cass City Chronicle, June 4, 1909)

Harry D. Hunt visited with his aunts, the misses Ida and Anna Clay, Sunday. (Cass City Chronicle, September 17, 1909)

The writer received a letter from Henry M. Clay of Portland, Oregon, the eldest son of the late Amzy Clay, that his wife who had been poorly for the last two years was very ill and had been for some time. For the last three weeks before he wrote that he had not been able to work because she was so ill. Dannie, his little son, was not well and he himself at the time of writing had been taken with lumbago, and old standby of his. (Cass City Chronicle, January 27, 1911)

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