Jeweler Finds Diamond Through Unique Plan

Drives Home in New Automobile and Satchel Containing Gems Drops Out—Issues Handbills.

REDDING, June 24.—Adolph Dobrowsky, a Redding jeweler, lost a $1700 diamond from the seat of his automobile over a week ago somewhere between this city and Vallejo.  He had given up the brilliant as lost, but Saturday he received a telegram from a jeweler in Willows telling him that he could have the gem by coming after it.  Mr. Dobrowsky arrived in Redding Saturday, a week ago, from Vallejo in a new automobile that he had just purchased in the city.  He never missed the hand satchel containing the diamond ring and a few other articles of nominal value until he arrived at the door of his home.  He sent his chauffeur back over the road to look for the satchel and scatter handbills advertising the loss of a “$40 diamond ring of great value as a family keepsake, for which full value will be paid as a reward for its return.”

The chauffeur made a trip to Vallejo and back, but accomplished nothing, arriving in Redding yesterday morning.  At noon came the word from Willows that the satchel and all its contents had been found intact and awaited Dobrowsky’s arrival.  No other particulars were given.

Source:  Oakland Tribune, June 24, 1907.

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