Mary Van Blarcom To Exhibit Prints

NEW YORK.—A reception tomorrow afternoon at Serigraph Galleries, 38 West 57th street, will inaugurate the three-week exhibition of serigraph prints by Mary Van Blarcom.

Mary Van Blarcom, formerly of Newark, lives at 930 Bay avenue, Point Pleasant, with her husband, Charles R. Milbauer and daughter Mary Anne Bradley. Miss Van Blarcom is also known in the field of modern creative art for her oils and watercolors.

Among the 25 prints shown will be compositions derived from the circus and the New Jersey beachfront.

Miss Van Blarcom is a member of the National Serigraph society where she also serves on the board of trustees, Artists of Today, National Association of Women Artists, Associated Artists of New Jersey and the American Color Print society. She also is advisor to the newly formed group of child artists in Point Pleasant, known as the Artists of Tomorrow. The group meets at the Milbauer home each Tuesday and was organized by Mr. and Mrs. Milbauer to stimulate an interest in art among children of grammar school age.

Source: Asbury Park Press, February 23, 1946.

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