William Toner Is Called Beyond

ZENA, October 10—Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Walling of Zena were called to Toledo Thursday to be at the bedside of William Toner who suffered a paralytic stroke Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Toner died Thursday afternoon at 4 o’clock. Mrs. Toner is Jesse Walling’s aunt.

Mr. Toner had been out of doors when he became ill. A neighbor woman and Mrs. Toner were trying to get him in the house as it had begun to rain but could not move him when the train which passes near the house came in sight. Mr. Toner had been an express agent for some time years ago and was always interested in the train and the men who watched as they passed each day to wave to him. They stopped the train, provided a stretcher and carried Mr. Toner into the house. Mr. Toner had been in the rain and contracted pneumonia which hastened his death.

Fred Toner of Dallas, brother of William Toner, arrived shortly after his death. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Flora Walling Toner, a sister, Mrs. P.P. Wright (Carrie Toner) of Portland, a brother, Fred Toner of Dallas and two nephews. The funeral arrangements are in charge of the Salem mortuary. The funeral will be held at the Zena church at 2:30 Saturday afternoon. Dr. W.C. Kantner will officiate.

Source: Salem Statesman Journal, October 11, 1930.

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