E.K. Loosley Killed In Auto Accident

Edward Kenneth Loosley, 65, well known Fort Klamath resident and at one time a Klamath Falls building inspector, was killed instantly Sunday night on Pacific highway, south, near Grants Pass.

Loosley’s body was struck and hurtled 20 feet by a second car driven after a machine driven by Charles G. Brent of Roseburg hit him as he alighted from an automobile driven by Homer Mustard of Klamath Falls. Loosley was crossing the highway to an auto court, according to investigating state police, when he was hit by Brent.

Brent was quoted by officers as saying he believed the victim was dead before the second car hit him. Brent said he was attempting to flag down traffic when the second car struck the body.

Loosley was the son of the late George and Emma Anderson Loosley. His father was one of the first white children born at Champoeg, Ore., operated boats on Upper Klamath lake and hauled supplies to soldiers stationed at Fort Klamath. The elder Loosley died December 4, 1947, and Mrs. Loosley died early in October of this year, both in Ashland.

E.K. Loosley was born in Klamath county March 4, 1883. He built the present Klamath Falls fire hall and other buildings in this city. One son, George, of Sacramento, survives. A brother, Cary V. Loosley, lives in Grants Pass. It is understood the Fort Klamath man was planning to work with his brother.

Homer Mustard, Loosley’s companion at the time of his death, worked as a cook at the Fort Klamath hotel and later at the Crater Lake café, both at the Fort. He moved to Klamath Falls several months ago.

Details as to final rites were not learned here.

Source: Klamath Falls Herald and News, November 9, 1948.


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