The reunion of the Rorick family was held Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Rorick in Morenci.  These gatherings have now been held annually for about forty-three years.  One hundred and three relatives and friends enjoyed the visiting gand [sic] dinner incident to this event.  At a short business meeting, Dr. E.H. Rorick was elected president for the coming year.  Mrs. Amelia Rorick, who has served as secretary for the past 15 years, declined re-election and Mrs. G.H. Crane was chosen as her successor.  Mrs. G.H. Rorick was appointed chairman of the committee on arrangements.  A brief tribute to the absent ones was given by H.C. Rorick of Toledo.  Those who have left the circle during the past year are P.H. Spear, L.W. Rorick, F.E. Bryan [sic] and Roy Murphy.  The last one mentioned is the first to have his name placed on the honor roll as making the supreme sacrifice for his country.  Four births were recorded.  Mr. and Mrs. G.H. Rorick will entertain the family in 1919.  The company expressed their appreciation of Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Rorick by giving them a unanimous vote of thanks.  Out of town guests were Hon. and Mrs. J.C. Rorick, Miss Grace Hoover, Wauseon, O.; Dr. and Mrs. E.H. Rorick, G.H. Crane and family, E.N. Baldwin and family, Mrs. Mabel Sullivan and children of Fayette; Mr. and Mrs. G.B. Horton of Fruit Ridge; Dr. and Mrs. W.D. Murphy and sons of Columbus, O.; Mr. and Mrs. A.V. Foster and family, Hon. and Mrs. H.C. Rorick and son, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Prudden and son of Toledo; Dr. Rorick Bennett, George Rorick Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Nimmo and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. McCloe and daughter of Detroit; O.J. Wells and family of Hudson; Louise P. Milne and daughter of Kenosha, Wis.; Charles Gallup and family of Ann Arbor.

Source:  Adrian Daily Telegram, June 28, 1918.


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