Albert Walling, Printer, Business News

McCORMICK’S DIRECTORY: By the disastrous fire yesterday the material for the making up of this directory for 1872, was burned at the establishment of A.G. Walling. This will prove a serious loss to Mr. McCormick and Mr. Walling. The publication of this work will necessarily be delayed. (Portland Oregonian, December 23, 1872)

Walling has purchased W.H. Coburn’s entire printing office, and will be ready to resume operations in a few days. (Portland Oregonian, December 28, 1872)

A LARGE “PI”: Yesterday morning while a large portion of the job office of A.G. Walling was being removed to the second story of H.L. Pittock’s brick building, on Front street, several cases of type slid from the first landing of the stairs to the sidewalk. A large sized “pi” was made in just about two seconds of time. The damage was slight compared to what it might have been if more cases were in the “slide”. This is the only instance we have heard of where type has fallen and all parties concerned have sustained a loss. (Portland Oregonian, January 24, 1873)

Walling is printing the annual paper for the Commercial College. (Portland Oregonian, June 28, 1873)

The Premium List of the Washington County Agricultural Society, to be awarded at the Eighth Annual Fair, has been placed on our table. It is a neat little pamphlet of twenty pages, printed at the job office of Mr. A.G. Walling of this city. The list of premiums is quite extensive and the premiums themselves liberal. The Fair will be held at the Society’s handsome grounds at Hillsboro, commencing on Monday, September 28th, continuing to Friday evening. (Portland Oregonian, July 20, 1874)

HISTORY OF WALLA WALLA: The following was clipped from the Walla Walla Statesman: Col. Gilbert has received proof sheets of the lithographs of the public buildings of this city for his work on Walla Walla County. Without any exception the proofs are the finest ever gotten up on this coast, and are a credit to Portland in general and Mr. Walling, the lithographer, in particular. We have compared them with those issued by eastern houses, especially Lippincott’s of Philadelphia, and Walling’s work completely discounts them; they are beauties. (Portland Oregonian, March 19, 1882)


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