Small Town News

Wallace Bailey left for overseas duty, after a three weeks’ training period. He spent the weekend recently with his sister, Mrs. Verne Whims.  (Orion Weekly Review, June 15, 1951)

The city fire department was called to the home of E.J. Rorick, 400 Cedar street, at 10:45 o’clock Sunday morning to extinguish a fire in the roof caused by chimney sparks.  The damage was slight.  (Quincy Daily Journal, April 4, 1921).

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Rorick attended the Rorick family reunion at the residence of C.M. Rorick in Morenci last Wednesday.  There were present about one hundred.  A program of signing, instrumental music and recitations was given.  Horton C. Rorick of Toledo presided. Officers elected were M.C. Rorick, President; Mrs. Amela Rorick, Secretary and Treasurer and Mrs. S.K. Porter, Chairman.  Executive Committee, Mr. and Mrs. G.H. Crane and Mr. and Mrs. E.N. Baldwin will entertain the crowd at Fayette next year.  (Fulton County Tribune, July 9, 1915)

Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Vern Whims’ young son, Mark, was christened.  In honor of the occasion, they entertained Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Bailey of Port Huron, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Whims of Rochester and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Klix of Grosse Pointe.  (Orion Weekly Review, November 16, 1951)

Mr. and Mrs. Vern Whims and Ann returned home from a three week vacation trip at San Francisco, Calif., where they visited Wallace Bailey.  (Orion Weekly Review, February 22, 1952)

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