Bully for Waite and Walling

A vacancy occurring in the Committee on Works of Art, in which class all the printing was entered, we are informed that Mr. Waite, Corresponding Secretary of the Fair, had his employer, Mr. Walling, of the Farmer office, appointed to the vacancy.  The point of this strategy is observable when the reader is informed that Walling was the principal contributor of job printing for the premiums, and his partner, Pittock, was a contributor of newspaper printing for premiums.  Walling coolly voted himself first premium on job printing, and his partner, Mr. Pittock, a first premium for newspaper work; admitting that Mr. Stinson’s printing on the Agriculturist was really the best, but that Pittock ought to have it, as he showed a whole year of the Oregonian, and Stinson showed but one number of the Agriculturist.  “Blessed is he that judgeth his own case, for then it shall be decided in his favor.”

Source:  Oregon Statesman, October 16, 1865.


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