It Won’t Pay

We observe by the copperhead papers, that our “mutual friend,” E.M. Waite, Corresponding Secretary of the Oregon State Agricultural Society, has been making considerable capital among the “Southern Brethren,” by sending complimentary tickets to the State Fair along with is prospectus for the Plowman, while he at the same time, strangely enough, forgets to send complimentaries to the Union papers of the State. (We speak for the Statesman.) A membership ticket is worth just two dollars and a half in gold coin, and when presented with the compliments of the Corresponding Secretary, is a “big thing” in the way of honorable distinction from the “common herd,” who have to pay cash before they go in. The price of Mr. Waite’s (that is to say Walling’s) Farmer, redivious Plowman, is only three dollars per year, and almost anybody would take the Plowman at that price, if the polite Secretary would throw in a “complimentary ticket” at $2.50. Cheap enough, to be sure, but will it pay the Society to disperse its favors in that way? The Statesman don’t want a complimentary — it can afford to pay for the privilege of reporting our State Fair, and is more than willing to do so. The copperhead papers have given the Plowman immense puffs, and it looks as if Mr. Waite’s paper was to be run for the benefit of the democracy. The Agriculturist has received no such one-sided attentions, from either party, and it will not receive them. It will have no communication with the “filthy pool of yolitics [sic]” and this the people may rely on. It is for every farmer’s house and family, and it will neither praise or denounce his politics or religion.

Source: Oregon Statesman, September 25, 1865.


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