About J. Fred Loosley

J. Fred Loosley, the Ft. Klamath giant, who makes excellent cheese and butter at his creamery, came in from east of the mountains last Friday and returned Monday. He was accompanied by his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. John Loosley, who left that evening for Salinas, Calif., where they will spend the winter. Fred tells us that next year he will have the milk from 450 cows at the creamery, which will be 100 more than he had this year. With this addition he hopes to come somewhere near being able to supply the local demand for his product. While in a valley town recently his cheese was put up for comparison with cheese made in New York state—the banner cheese country of the world—and those making the test could not tell which was the York [sic] state cheese and which was Klamath County’s product. While there is little if any difference in the product there is a decided per centage our way in cost as the eastern cheese costs eighteen and a half cents per pound while ours only costs eleven cents per pound.

Source: Medford Mail, November 17, 1899.

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