Sues to Recover Price of a Bogus Nugget

Redding, March 27.—A.F. Dobrowsky, a local jeweler, brought suit today against John W. Hare, an insurance agent, to recover $27 50 paid Hare for a nugget which proved to be bogus. The specimen appeared to be “lousy” with gold. The yellow metal filled its every crevice and there were large crevices. Had the filling been gold, the specimen would have been worth possibly $50, but it was not. It was goldfoil cleverly inserted by the hand of man. Hare paid $20 for the “gold brick” and sold it to Dobrowksy, not knowing its fraudulent character, at an advance of $7 50. The jeweler found it was bogus and demanded his money back, but the insurance agent would not return the full price, hence the suit.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, March 28, 1903.


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