Art Exhibit At City Studio

Mary Van Blarcom and Charles Milbauer, Point Pleasant Beach artists, are showing many of their recent pictures at a two-man show at the Asbury Park Society of Fine Arts gallery in the Noumair studio, Asbury Park. The show is the first in a series of one and two-man shows to be sponsored by the society during the winter.

The Van Blarcom-Milbauer exhibit represents a good sense of design and color for which the artists have received wide recognition. The painting vary in medium and include serigraphs, block prints and compositions of driftwood.

Mary Van Blarcom has had one-man shows at the “Artists of Today” exhibition, Newark; Delaware galleries, New Hope; Serigraphs galleries, New York and has pictures in the permanent collections of the Newark and New York public libraries.

Charles Milbauer, who is the husband of Mary Van Blarcom, first exhibited in 1929 at the Newark Art club. Since then he has shown paintings and sculpture thruout the country, including the Seattle Art museum, Betty Parson’s and Serigraph galleries in New York.

A tea in honor of the artists will be given by M RS. [sic] W.H.D. Koerne and Mrs. Margaret Driver at the Asbury Park gallery Oct. 26.

Source: Asbury Park Press, October 17, 1951.

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