Former Residents Observe Golden Wedding Anniversary in Calif.

Mr. and Mrs. Roe A. Deal, old time residents of Springville, now making their home in Glendale, Calif., this week celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at their home there.  A dinner party attended by closes friends and relatives including Mr. Deal’s nephew, Algernon A. Redford and Miss Naomi Deal, marked the occasion.

Mr. Deal was born in Springville.  His grandfather, John Deal, was one of the early settlers of this town and his father, R.A. Deal, was the second white man born in this city.

Mrs. Deal, the former Louise Rorick, was born in Michigan and came to Springville in May 1895 to visit her sister, Mrs. T.R. Kelly, and met her future husband.

Their wedding was held on December 21, 1898, at noon at the home of Mrs. Kelly, with the late John S. Boyer, then justice of the peace, performing the ceremony.  Among the guests were the late Mrs. Eliza Deal, Mrs. Helen Maycock, Mr. Deal’s grandmother, his parents and his sister and brother, Helen and Chester Deal.  The reception was held in the evening in the home of his parents.

Roe A. Deal engaged in railroad construction work for the Denver and Rio Grande railroad in Utah and other railroads in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado and Wyoming from 1894 to 1912.  They also spent six years during that period on a cattle ranch near Lethbridge Can, Alberta, Can.

Mr. and Mrs. Deal will be remembered in Springville during the years they owned the Rosemary Fruit farm, which they purchased on the east bench, in 1907.  Mr. Deal was president of the farm bureau here several years and Mrs. Deal was at one time president of the Home Culture club.  A clock from their home hangs in the library.

In 1920, they sold their farm to Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Cherrington and moved to Southern California and now make their home at 938 North Isabel street, Glendale.

Source:  Springville Herald, December 23, 1948.

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