Some Fish Stories Involving Watson Rorick

George Hill is deeply aggrieved over the unwarranted and unconscionable conduct of Wat Rorick and Grant Cooksey, and thinks he has a good case for a slander suit. The all went fishing the first of the week and Hill caught a 5½ pound cat to Rorick and Cooksey’s none. Now Rorick and Cooksey have spread the report that Hill bought his fish. Men who will willfully and wantonly attempt to destroy a well earned reputation as a fisherman, are worse in George’s estimation than the principals in a French duel. (Caldwell News, June 1, 1899)

Wat Rorick got up last Monday morning about two hours before his customary hour. The cause of this phenomena was the fact that he and Grant Cooksey had been fishing the day before, and as usual, Wat had caught nothing but Grant had a fine string of fish which he took to the Leland for breakfast. That is the key to the situation. Wat got up early, told the waiter to hurry those fish up as he had to go out to his farm and wanted to get an early start. The fish were soon forthcoming and quickly disappeared. When Cooksey came in to breakfast he told the waiter just how he wanted the fish cooked which he left the night before, and to save Wat half of them. He was informed that his order could not be filled as Wat had eaten them some three hours before. Wat is still alive and outwardly happy that he got one string of fish that he didn’t have to buy. (Caldwell News, September 14, 1899)


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