Mrs. Minnie Belles

WAVERLY, Nov. 2—Funeral services were held today for Mrs. Minnie Belles in the Laurel Hill Evangelical church in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. She was buried in Wilkes-Barre.

Mrs. Belles died Monday at the age of 68, after a short illness. She was formerly a resident of Barton, having moved to Wilkes-Barre from here about 30 years ago. She made frequent visits to Waverly, her last being last summer.

She is survived by two sisters, Mrs. Louanna Stebbins of Lompac [sic], Cal., formerly of Waverly and Mrs. Carrie Ferris of Corning; and a brother, Joseph E. Doty of Scipio, Utah.

Harold and Ira VanNest [sic] of Waverly, nephews of Mrs. Belles, went to Wilkes-Barre yesterday.

Source: Sayre Evening Times, November 2, 1938.

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