He Offered Wife For $100


Price Was Too High for McDonough County Sleuth, Who Only Agreed to Pay for the Divorce.

The Journal a week ago told of the elopement of the wife of Charles Rorick, the Front street barber, with a fellow named “Zing Zang.” Yesterday The Journal told of the employment by Rorick of Milton McDonald, who lives a few miles out of Colchester, to take up the case and locate the runaways. McDonald Is a famous sleuth, having a commission Issued to him by the Grannan Detective agency of Cincinnati, who are in the commission and badge selling business, and who have, made detectives out of numerous erstwhile quiet citizens of the rural districts.

McDonald is a man well advanced in years and before her marriage, Mrs. Rorick, whose given name Is Mary, kept house for McDonough county’s Sherlock Holmes. Last year Detective McDonald was taken with an uncontrollable longing for Mary; he wanted to marry her, but as she was then the wife of Rorick, who was engaged in the barbering business in Quincy, he found it necessary to communicate with Rorick with the view of striking a bargain. Rorick’s first reply to McDonald, the copy of which was furnished to the police by Mc-Donald himself, reads as follows:

Husband Willing to Sell.

QUINCY, Ill., April 2, 1904.

Mr. Milt. McDonald: I will make you a proposition, if you want Mary. You will have to make me a present of so much money, as I have been offered that just the other day. But I would rather see you have her than any one else, and I don’t like to see any one have her in this town. I have spent lots of money on her, and I don’t expect to sell her or give her away to no one else. Write to me and let me know what you will do.


Letter No. 2.

QUINCY, Ill., Aug. 24, 1904.

Mr. Milt McDonald—Sir: Your letter at hand; will say that I will take $100 and you can send the money for her to come, providing you send the $100. That’s all I have to say. Write at once.

Send for her right away: But if you want her you will have to send the amount.


Price Was Too High.

McDonald, in discussing the matter with members of the police force, said that he never agreed to pay such a large sum for the young woman, and that he only consented to pay the costs of divorce proceedings, which he wanted Rorick to institute and in which event he would have made Mary his own little wife.

When Mrs. Rorick disappeared, from the city about a week ago, saying she was going “fishing with a party called “Zing Zang,” and knowing McDonald to be a detective, the deserted husband notified McDonald and asked him to work on the case and run the pair down If possible, just the kind of expert work McDonald has been looking for now that the busy season on the farm is pretty well over with.

Last evening Detective McDonald, between strokes of his luxuriant growth of whiskers, expressed the opinion that he would soon hit the trail of the runaway couple, .who he was inclined to believe were across the river somewhere.

Source: Quincy Daily Journal, September 27, 1905.

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