Authorities Seek Married Elopers in Two Counties

T.A. Olsen, from McCoy, who is accused of eloping Friday with Mrs. Verda Walling, a married woman, also living at McCoy, was arrested here this afternoon as he stepped from the Silverton stage by Chief of Police Varney and Patrolman Thompson. He is being held for Polk county authorities.

T.A. Olsen and Verda Walling, both married, who fled their homes at McCoy Saturday night, came to Salem and were last reported at Silverton. Warrants for the arrest of Olsen were issued by Sherriff Olsen of Polk county and Sherriff Needham of this county assisted in the search.

Mrs. Walling, the mother of four children, Saturday afternoon left her husband, Rupert [sic] Walling, at home to care for two of the children. The other two she took with her. According to Walling’s story to local police, who were alos [sic] enlisted in the hunt, she met Olsen, they engaged Glen Stevenson, a taxi driver and they came to Salem.

Stevenson today was on trial at Dallas charged with assisting in the escape of a fugitive. He is said to have been reluctant about giving information as to where Olsen and Mrs. Walling have fled.

It was reported that Mrs. Walling has been seen at Independence.

Walling said that he would be glad to take his wife back and expressed a willingness to prosecute Olsen for stealing his wife.

Source: Salem Capital Journal, December 8, 1919.


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