Former Irvington Girl, 69, is Dead

News has been received of the death Sunday, November 19, of Luella Andruss Dilts, former Algona-Irvington girl, at her home in Randolph, near Council Bluffs.

Mrs. Dilts, who was the only child of Zebina and Amanda Andruss, was born at Morenci, Mich., June 2, 1865, and three years later her parents moved to Kossuth county. She was a niece of Doctor Armstrong, pioneer Irvington physician, and her family lived on the present E.R. Mawdsley farm, which they sold to Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Ives when the Andrusses left here.

Luella was educated in the Algona public schools and later attended State Teachers college. Troubled temporarily with her eyes, she attended the state school for the blind at Vinton for a short time. Her eyesight was later recovered.

She was married June 30, 1896, to John W. Dilts, Randolph, a widower with one child, a daughter, Bernice Dilts, who taught school here a number of years. Bernice is now Mrs. Spaulding, of Mitchell. After her marriage the parents moved to Council Bluffs to be near her.

Mrs. Andruss is survived by her husband, the stepdaughter, and a son,

Source: Kossuth County Advance, December 7, 1933.


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