Mrs. F.P. Doty Dies in Scranton

Mrs. Amelius [sic] Doty, wife of Rev. F.P. Doty, died at her home, 622 Quincy ave., Scranton, yesterday afternoon, after an illness of two weeks,

Deceased was born in Barton, N.Y., sixty-five years ago, and was united in marriage to Rev. Mr. Doty, May 22, 1879. Mrs. Doty had ever been active in Christian in Christian work and proved a valuable helpmeet to her husband in all his ministerial life. Besides the societies in which she was engaged as a member, n [sic] church was engaged as a member, in church tary-treasurer [sic] of the Scranton District Methodist Preachers Wives Association.*

She is survived by her husband, one son, Howard R. Doty, of Philadelphia, and one daughter, Miss Edith of Scranton; also by one brother F.W. Harding, of Waverly, N.Y., and one grandson, Franklin Doty of Philadelphia. The funeral services will be held from the residence at two o’clock Friday afternoon. Rev. Dr. J.M.M. Gray, of Elm Park Church, will officiate.

Source: Pittston Gazette, August 13, 1924.

* This sentence has been transcribed as found.

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