An Autopsy Develops the Direct Cause of D.G. Rorick’s Death

An autopsy was held this morning in the case of D.G. Rorick, the Santa Fe conductor who died yesterday morning after an illness of only two weeks.  About two weeks ago Rorick started to climb into the mail car of his train and bumped his head on the iron bar which is placed across the door.  When he reached home that night he complained of the hard bump he received that day.  The autopsy developed that the blow had caused an abcess to form on the brain which caused death.  Rorick carried an accident policy of $5000, which will go to his family.

The funeral was held at the undertaking parlors of Barton & Catick this afternoon, the service being conducted by Dr. Davies.

Source:  San Bernardino Evening Transcript, March 27, 1900.

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