Oldtimer is Recent Guest at Irvington

Irvington, Oct. 17—Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Brown, Los Angeles, who, en route to Minneapolis, recently visited the H.E. Rists at Algona, also drove through this vicinity.  Clarence is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Zelora Brown, who lived here many years ago.  The browns lived in a house which then stood, with many other buildings, east of the tracks in a field now farmed by Richard Leigh.  Zelora, now a resident of Minneapolis, also ran a store here.  Mrs. Zelora Brown was a sister of the late Dr. J.R. Armstrong, who is so well remembered and often recalled by the older residents here.  Doctor Armstrong, besides being the sole physician here at that time, also taught school was superintendent of the Sunday school.  The late J.B. Robison was one of his pupils.  Doctor Armstrong built and lived in the house now occupied by the Richard Leighs.  Later they moved to the property now owned by the U.B. Frankel’s, where the doctor died.  Mr. Brown said things did not look familiar here; so many buildings have either been moved, torn down, or remodeled.

Source:  Kossuth County Advance, October 19, 1933.

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