Chicago Probate Firm Seeking Heirs of Late Jas. Armstrong

The following letter under date of August 3 addressed to the Advance was received last mid-week.

“In connection with our search for heirs to an estate, we are trying to locate the surbiving [sic] descendants of one James Armstrong. He is known to have had children by the names of Charles, Merle, Zelora and James, who are said to have lived in your vicinity.

“It will be to their interest to communicate with us as quickly as possible, giving details of their family history.  Likewise, friends of the family will be doing a favor to all concerned by sending us any information they can regarding them or their relatives.

“We enclose a check for One Dollar to pay you for your trouble and ask you to kindly send us a checking copy for our file.  If you happen to be acquainted with any members of this family, please advise them to communicate with us without delay and do not wait for the item to be published.  You can keep the check for your trouble in either case.”

James Armstrong, who was a son of Dr. J.R. Armstrong, Irvington pioneer physician and storekeeper is now dead, but his widow lives at Burt.  Charles lives at Livermore; Merle is Mrs. E.L. Neilson, Spencer; Zelora and James Jr., live at Des Moines.  Cox & Co. have been so notified.

It is not yet known why the information concerning the Armstrong family is wanted.

Source:  Kossuth County Advance, August 10, 1937.

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