Sutton Funeral To Be Held Today

Mrs. Joanna B. Sutton, widow of the late Rev. J. Ford Sutton, Presbyterian minister in New York and Philadelphia, died Sunday evening at her home, 4247 Second avenue, after an illness of about two weeks. Funeral services will be held this afternoon at 3:30 o’clock at the W.R. Hamilton chapel, 3975 Cass avenue.

Mrs. Sutton was born in New York city in the first half of the nineteenth century. She came to Detroit when still a small child and spent her unmarried life and the years of her widowhood here. She was twice married, her first husband being Amos Sutton. Her second husband, Rev. Dr. Sutton, was a brother of her first husband. She was a member of the First Presbyterian church of this city and was widely known in Bay View, Mich., where she spent the summers for many years.

The surviving relatives are Joseph G. Bates, a brother; Mrs. T.A. Billings, Mrs. William Wilkinson, Mrs. Chester Morse, Mrs. Alexander McDonald, Mrs. W.H. Downs, nieces, and Frederick S. Ekliff, nephew, all of Detroit; Mrs. Frederick J.H. Sutton, niece, and Edward Sutton, nephew, of New York city, and Mrs. S.A. Benedict, niece and Walter Sutton, nephew of Philadelphia.

Source: Detroit Free Press, March 26, 1929.

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