Married 60 Years

“There has been absolute harmony in our home for sixty years,” remarked Joel W. Linderman yesterday to Mrs. Linderman. They were celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of their marriage. Neither could give the reason that they got along so well, unless it was that she never drank tea or coffee, and he drank them both. Mr. and Mrs. Linderman are spending their closing years together at St. Ann’s home, near Techny. He reads and smokes and she reads and sews. Mr. Linderman is 83 years old and his wife 77. After the anniversary exercises were over the old couple sat together recalling old times. Early in their married lives they spent their winters in a Wisconsin lumber camp, sixty miles from a railroad. He was boss of the camp and she of the kitchen. Mrs. Linderman did not see a white woman from September until April. They were married in Oakland county, Michigan.

Source: Chicago Tribune, July 9, 1916.



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