Estell H. Rorick

E.H. Rorick, M.D., superintendent of the Ohio State Hospital, at Athens, has held that office since June, 1896, by appointment of the board of trustees, his residence at the time of appointment being at Fayette, in Fulton county. His management of the insane has been satisfactory. He has always been a Republican, strong, zealous, and able, his first vote being cast for General Grant in 1868 while he was a resident of Michigan, his native state. In 1869 he graduated in the medical department of the University of Michigan, at Ann Arbor, having previously graduated in the literary or collegiate course. In the same year he moved to Ohio, ever since which time he has been active in politics. In 1888 he was elected to the house of representatives of the sixty-eighth general assembly of Ohio, and in 1889 was re-elected to the sixty-ninth general assembly. During his first term as a member of the assembly he was placed on the committee on insane asylums, ditches, drains, and water-courses, and medical colleges and societies; and during the second term he served as a member of the finance committee. In his county he has been at various times a member of the county committee, and in all the organic work of the Republican forces in Fulton county he has had a hand, being indeed one of the most active and efficient workers in the party throughout his township, county, and district. During every campaign he has been a delegate to the nominating conventions of his party, in the state convention leading the delegation from his county. At one time he was a member of the Toledo central district. Since coming to Athens he has become well known throughout the county, and in the affairs of the party here he has been prominent, although he retains his residence in Fulton county.

The Doctor was born in Lenawee county, Michigan, September 1, 1842, and in that state his father William Rorick is still living. He is a Democrat, but in 1896 he voted for McKinley. The Doctor has three brothers and one sister, namely: John C. Rorick, of Wauseon, Fulton county, Ohio, who is a thorough Republic and has served two terms in the state senate 1870-1; he is now mayor of Wauseon; Elias B., a hardware merchant of Morenci, Michigan; Jacob M., living near Seneca, same state; and Miss Zettie, living with her father at Morenci. Dr. Rorick, in 1869, the year of his graduation, began the practice of his profession in Fulton county, to which place he changed his residence that year. For sixteen years he was engaged in the drug business at Fayette. He was always interested in agriculture, now owing three farms in Fulton and Williams counties, which he is managing; and he is also interested in a bank at Morenci, Michigan, with his brother and Colonel E.L. Barber. Dr. Rorick is an honored member of the Masonic fraternity.

The Doctor was united in matrimony with Miss Mary Acker, of Fayette, and they have two daughters. The family are all together at their Athens home.

Source: Smith, Joseph P. 1898. History of the Republican Party in Ohio. Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company.


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