Estell H. Rorick

Honorable Estell H. Rorick, Athens, Ohio, was born in Lenawee county, Michigan, near the town of Morenci, September 1, 1842. His father, William Rorick, came from New York in 1836 and was one of the pioneers of Michigan. He purchased land and, when the subject of this sketch was a young boy, owned a large farm upon which all of the boys learned by practical routine the solid facts of industry and economy. Educational facilities were not good, but young Rorick managed to prepared himself at the district school to enter the Medina academy, which he did at the age of sixteen. He afterward attended college at Kalamazoo, Michigan. Not having means to finish his course, he left college and taught school two years, in the meantime spending his spare hours under the instruction of Dr. Weed, who became surgeon in the United States army, stationed at Nashville, Tennessee. Mr. Rorick joined him in Nashville in 1864, and served as hospital assistant until the war closed. Still without means to take a medical course, he worked in a brickyard in Illinois one summer, carefully leaving his entire wages with his employer, who broke up in the fall and did not pay him a dollar. He then returned to Michigan and engaged in farming and teaching, and finally, with his earnings and four hundred dollars borrowed money, graduated from the medical department of the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in 1869. He again worked one summer in a brickyard in Canandaigua, Michigan, and later in the year located in Tedrow, near Wauseon, Ohio, and commenced the practice of medicine. Three years later he sold his practice in Tedrow to Dr. G.P. Campbell, now a trustee of the State hospital at Toledo, and bought out the fine practice of Dr. J.O. Allen, at Fayette, Ohio, and his success for the future was thereby assured. He did much toward making Fayette one of the most prosperous educational and business towns of its size in Ohio. He contributed largely to the expense of securing the Fayette Normal university for his town, and at his own expense furnished a room in the institute and fitted it up with mannikins, models, charts and all useful and necessary apparatus, and delivered regular courses of lectures in anatomy, physiology and hygiene free of charge until official duties required his absence from home. He took a post graduate course at the Detroit Medical college and graduated March 2, 1875. In 1877 he went to Scotland and took a partial medical course at the University of Edinburgh, and after visiting and studying the principal hospitals of London and Paris, returned to his practice in 1878. He again took a post graduate course at the Alabama Medical college at Mobile and graduated March 5, 1883.

Source: Men of Northwestern Ohio: A Collection of Portraits and Biographies of Well Know Men in this Section of the Professional, Business and Commercial World. 1898. Toledo, OH: C.S. Van Tassel.


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