Clara Sweeney & Alonzo J. Heckler

Miss Clara M. Sweeney, of Jefferson township, and Mr. Alonzo J. Heckler, of Jackson township, were married on Thursday, May 5, at the home of the bride’s brother, Mr. O.A. Sweeney, 1423 Oakland avenue, at 2:30 o’clock. After the wedding ceremony, which was performed by Rev. C.B. Sweeney, a fine dinner was served the company. Both bride and groom are estimable young people from well known and highly esteemed families of Allen county. There were present at the wedding Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Sweeney, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Heckler, Rev. and Mrs. C.B. Sweeney and daughter, Elsie, Mr. and Mrs. O.A. Sweeney and Miss Grace Sweeney. Mr. and Mrs. Heckler will live in Jackson township. (Fort Wayne Weekly Sentinel, May 11, 1910)

A wedding of much interest last Thursday was that of Miss Clara Sweeney, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Sweeney, and Mr. Alonzo Heckler, son of Mrs. and Mrs. Dan Heckler. The ceremony was performed at the home of the bride’s brother in Fort Wayne. A brother of the bride, Rev. C.R. Sweeney [sic], performed the ceremony in the presence of a few relatives of the bride and groom. Mr. and Mrs. Heckler will make their home on a farm in Jackson township. (Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette, May 14, 1910)

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