Small Town News—Mullany

James H. Mullany came in from Glenns Ferry yesterday. (Idaho Daily Statesman, May 8, 1898)

On the first inst. Mrs. James Mullany was called to Boise on account of the serious illness of James Mullany, Jr. She reports him much better. (Idaho Daily Statesman, June 6, 1901)

Judge James Mullany, who has resided at Glenns Ferry for many years, was in the city yesterday attending the fair. In response to an inquiry about Glenns Ferry, the judge said the town was enjoying a real boom. More buildings, and good ones too, had been built this fall than in four years before, and as agent of the township company he had sold more lots in the last six weeks than in the last three years. He said the contract to build the Malad Canal had not only been let but a large force of men and teams were at work on it. The crowd of people settling in Glenns Ferry were from Iowa, and the only regret of the judge is was that they had not been there long enough to vote, as they were all Republicans. (Idaho Daily Statesman, October 25, 1902)

Glenns Ferry, Sept. 26 — A very pleasant surprise party was tendered Monday evening to Mrs. James Mullaney, it being her fiftieth birthday. A number of the neighbors arrived unexpectedly with crowded lunch baskets and a very pleasant evening was passed by all. Those present were Mrs. D.C. O’Brien, Mrs. J.T. Huntington, Mrs. Bert Alford, Mrs. William Rosevere, Miss Ella Shetts, Miss Pearl Jennings, Miss Nora Morrow, Miss Lizzie Woodrich, Frank Carrigan, Herman Jacobson, and Charles E. Stewart. (Idaho Daily Statesman, September 27, 1900)

Mrs. J. Mullaney of Glenn’s Ferry is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Sarah Berkley. (Idaho Daily Statesman, November 26, 1901)

Misses Kate and Sarah Mullaney, daughters of James Mullaney, the well known citizen of Glenns Ferry, are visiting in the city. (Idaho Daily Statesman, January 7, 1896)

John Lat[unclear]y, William Orr, Charles Brady and W.R. Mullany pulled out for Rocky Bar yesterday. (Idaho Daily Statesman, May 17, 1901)

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