Small Town News—Bean

W.S. Bean, conductor on the Colorado Midland railway, running between Denver and Como, met with an accident in some way which cost him an arm yesterday. Mr. Bean formerly resided in Boise, and was a conduct on the cannon ball train. He was married to Miss Mullaney of Glenns Ferry, sister of James Mullaney of that city. No particulars have been received other than the brief statement that reached Mr. Mullaney yesterday. (Idaho Daily Statesman, August 20, 1902)

Mr. and Mrs. William Bean and family of Huntingaon [sic], Ore., came up to spend Christmas with Mrs. James Mullaney. Mrs. Sara Burkley [sic] went to Huntington, Ore., last Thursday evening, returning with her sister, Mrs. Kate Bean. (Idaho Statesman, December 28, 1904)


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