Jesse Dutton Walling (Died 1870)

The Statesman gives the following particulars of the sad death of Mr. Jesse D. Walling, of Polk County. He was out on the road as Supervisor, working a party of men. About 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon, his saddle horse, a young animal, got loose and started to run along the road. Mr. Walling ran in front to stop him, but the animal dashed straight on, striking him in the face and throwing him back against a log with great force. The back of his head struck a knot which penetrated the skull and he never spoke again. He was picked up breathing but insensible and carried home while a physician was hastily summoned but before Dr. Grubbs, who had been called, reached the place the old gentleman was dead. He was an old settler of Oregon, enterprising citizen, good neighbor, kind friend, and leaves a large family to mourn his sudden loss. They have the sympathies of a host of friends, for all remember “Uncle Jesse” as a man of kind words and noble deeds.

Source:  Portland Oregonian, May 11, 1870.

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