Small Town News—Hutchinson

Miss Dorothy Hutchinson has sold her residence to a Mr. Button in Corning and will move into the Lewis Darling apartment in Wellsboro. (Wellsboro Agitator, July 25, 1951)

Lawrenceville News: The congregation of the Presbyterian church was very much pleased last Sunday evening with the several selections of music rendered by Mr. and Mrs. George Hutchinson, Mrs. Ida Price and Miss Dorothy Hutchinson. They also assisted in the choir. (Wellsboro Agitator, September 17, 1924)

Lawrenceville, Feb. 1 — George L. Hutchinson, of North Lawrence, N.Y., is a guest of his father and sister, Wilbur W. Hutchinson and Dorothy F. Hutchinson. He was called here by the death of his sister, Mrs. Allen G. Price, of Penn Yan, N.Y. (Wellsboro Gazette, February 2, 1933)

George L. Hutchinson of Allegany, N.Y., an employee of the New York State Pure Food Department, was in town the past week. (Wellsboro Gazette, October 20, 1938)
W.W. Hutchinson visited his sister, Mrs. Isaac Losey, in Elmira Tuesday. Mrs. Losey was ill from falling down cellar and sustaining severe bruises. (Wellsboro Agitator, January 31, 1912)

Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Hutchinson were week-end guests of their daughter, Dorothy, in Philadelphia a week ago. (Wellsboro Agitator, August 10, 1921)

W.W. Hutchinson and Miss Dorothy Hutchinson are in Burke, N.Y. visiting George Hutchinson, who with his family will return with his father. (Wellsboro Agitator, August 24, 1927)

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