Stole a March on Their Friends

Two Popular Young Couples Wedded Last Evening.

F. T. Sullivan and Miss Mable Rorick and Dr. Weber and Miss Flo Hedges In a Double Wedding.

A. double wedding of unusual interest, which took place at 7:30 Tuesday evening was that of Mr. Frederick T. Sullivan and Miss Mabel A. Rorick, and Dr. Kenneth L. Weber and Miss Florence H. Hedges. The ceremony was performed by Rev. H. Marshall Thurlow at his home on South Court Street.

The wedding was well planned and carried out. The young people drove to the Thurlow home unaccompanied by any of their friends or relatives and the ceremony was witnessed only by the immediate family of the officiating minister. The ceremony was pronounced in the Thurlow parlor.

The best-laid plans, however, are oft’times rudely shattered. Next door to the Thurlow home is the home of the Betas, and these enterprising young-men speedily acquainted themselves of the proceedings. The news was spread, and before the ceremony was completed a large crowd of friends had gathed [sic] to give the newly-wedded pairs a proper “send off.”

The couples were attended to the B. & O. depot by their enthusiastic friends, and every one on the train was made acquainted with the fact of the wedding. The two couples went to Chillicothe Tuesday evening and returned this morning.

Mrs. Sullivan is the only daughter of Superintendent and Mrs. E.H. Rorick, of the state hospital, and has made her home in Athens for a number of years, having attended the Ohio university. She is a very popular young lady, as is Mrs. Weber, who is the only daughter of Mayor S.E. Hedges. Mrs. Weber has been in the steward’s office at the state hospital for several months.

Mr. Sullivan, who graduated from the university in 1903, is with the Bell Telephone company, having held a responsible position with that corporation for several years. He is now located in Athens. Dr. Weber is an assistant physician at the state hospital, having come to the institution from his home in Cincinnati several months ago.

Both couples are today being overwhelmed with congratulations by their host of friends, who were most agreeably surprised at the news of their marriage.

Source: Athens Messenger, April 30, 1909


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