Edith Lauder & Linton B. Sutton

Riddlesburg, October 13 — Miss Edith Lauder, of this place, was married at her home Thursday evening, October 9, at 6 o’clock to Linton B. Sutton, of Johannesburg, South Africa, by Rev. George L. Comp, past of the Methodist Episcopal church at Hopewell.

The ceremony was beautiful and impressive. The bride was dressed in white taffeta covered with chiffon and carried a bouquet of roses and lilies of the valley. She was attended by her sisters, Misses Helen and Edna Lauder, who were very attractive in their white dresses. They carried large bouquets of pink roses. The groom’s best man was Frank Drake, of Duluth, chief engineer of the United States Steel company. The bride entered the room on the arm of her father to the strains of the wedding march from Lohengrin, played by Frank Cremer of Huntingdon. After the wedding a bountiful collation was served to the guests present, this being given in the reception room of the Lauder mansion, which was beautifully decorated with ferns, smilax and carnations.

The bridge is the daughter of William Lauder, general manager of the Colonial Iron company, Riddlesburg, and the Saxton Furnace company, Saxton. She is a graduate of Mountain seminary, Birmingham, and is a pretty and popular young woman. Mr. Sutton is a mining engineer and has for the past three years had a very lucrative position, being in charge of large mining interests for an English company at Johannesburg, Transvaal. He was in Poklep while that place was besieged for months by the Boers during the English-Boer war. Mr. and Mrs. Sutton will make their home in Johannesburg early in January, when Mr. Sutton will resume his duties in the diamond mines.

At 8 o’clock the bride and groom left for a trip to the west on a special train over the Broad Top road. Rice and old shoes, with the usual blessings, gave them a send-off that they will long remember. They will return to Riddlesburg before sailing for England, on their way to South Africa, in early December.

Among those present were Henry H. Adams, of New York, president of the Colonial Iron company; Hon. J.M. Reynolds and wife, of Bedford: Mr. and Mrs. George New, New Bloomfield; Miss McMurtrie, Clyde Port, Mrs. George F. Gage, C.M. Gage, general manager Huntingdon and Broad Top railroad, Fred Gage, Huntingdon; J.P. Sutton, Kansas City; Miss Davis, A. R. Grier, Birmingham; Charles H. Scott, president of the Saxton Furnace company, and wife, Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. L.B. Shaw, Riddlesburg.

Source: Bedford Gazette, October 17, 1902.

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