Roe A. Deal

Roe A. Deal, a farmer and fruit grower living in Springville, was born November 25, 1876, in the district in which he yet resides, his parents being Romanzo A. and Helen (Maycock) Deal. Extended mention is made on another page of this work of Romanzo A. Deal, who for many years was the president of the firm of Deal Brothers & Mendenhall, leading ranchers, stock raisers, merchants and railroad builders, the firm being prominently known throughout the west.

Roe A. Deal early became connected with the contracting business, as in his boyhood he accompanied his father, who was engaged in the execution of mammoth projects. The boy attended the district school and afterward spent four years as a pupil in the Agricultural College at Logan. His business training was received under his father’s direction and for a time he engaged in contract work in connection with the firm of Deal Brothers & Mendenhall. Subsequently he entered into a partnership with Guy Mendenhall in the building of canals in Idaho and also in railroad contract work, extensive projects being carried forward, to successful completion under his direction. He likewise spent six years in Canada upon a large ranch, where he carried on business in connection with his father and brother, having five thousand acres devoted to cattle raising. Eventually he disposed of his interests there and is now concentrating his efforts and attention upon farming, horticultural pursuits and cattle raising on east bench at Springville, where he owns one hundred and seven acres of rich and productive land. He has twelve acres planted to cherries and sold nearly fifty tons of cherries in the present season. He also has six acres planted to peaches. He has a large silo with a capacity of one hundred and twenty-five tons of ensilage, this being one of the first three silos built in Utah county, the date of its erection being 1914. There is no improvement or equipment of the model farm property that is not found upon his place. There are good buildings and all modern machinery for the care of the crops and the fruit.

On the 21st of December, 1898, Mr. Deal was united in marriage to Miss Louise Rorick, of Morenci, Michigan, who became his wife while on a visit to Utah to see her sister. Mr. and Mrs. Deal have no children of their own but have adopted a little daughter, Margaret, who is now six years of age. Mr. Deal was the eldest of three children, his sister being Helen, now the wife of Abram Redford, of Provo, while his brother is J. Chester Deal, of Salt Lake.

In politics Mr. Deal is a democrat and keeps thoroughly informed concerning the vital problems and issues of the day but has never been a politician in the sense of office seeking. His business affairs, extensive and important, have claimed his entire attention and the wise direction of his interests has brought him to a prominent position in business circles. The name of Deal has long been a synonym for progressiveness and improvement at Springville and throughout Utah, having been written large into the history of the state since 1850.

Source: Warrum, Noble. 1919. Utah Since Statehood: Historical and Biographical. Chicago: S.J. Clarke Publishing Company.


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