100th Birthday of Mary Anne Rochelle Hickman

Reynoldsburg, Nov. 20.–(AP)–“Hard work keeps you young,” says Mrs. Mary Anne Hickman, who recently observed her 100th birthday anniversary in the home where she lives alone and does most of her own housework. “I don’t feel like I’m 100 years old,” she added, “I don’t want to be that old.” “Grandma,” as she is known in the village, has refused stead-fastly to permit age to curtail her activities. She prepares her own meals, helps with the cleaning and is fond of entertaining. She was married at the age of 15 to Daniel Hickman, a widower 15 years her senior. “Hickman,” as she still refers to him, “was the best man that ever lived.” He died more than 30 years ago. Only once in her life has “Grandma” drunk intoxicating liquor — a glass of beer one hot afternoon nearly 40 years ago. “I told them I’d get drunk and I did,” she said. “I told them all the way home in the buggy that I was sleepy and when we arrived I feel into bed — hoopskirt, new bonnet and all. You should have seen the bonnet in the morning. I never wore it again.” Her ideas about the modern girls are very definite. “I don’t see how a man can find a good wife among ’em,” she said. “They paint their faces and fingernails and toenails and some of ’em even smoke cigarets. No sir, I don’t see how a young man can find a good wife these days.

Source:  Newark Advocate, November 20, 1937.


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