Linn Theatre, Owned by Stewart Walling

New Theatre Opening

Concrete Building

New Furnishings

Fine Improvements

Wednesday, Apr. 23, will mark the opening of the new Linn Theatre. It is one of the largest construction projects to take place in Brownsville for several years. Six months ago Stewart Walling was confronted with a problem of continuing the operation of the theatre in an old building which constituted a fire hazard and in other ways was short of meeting demands of modern entertainment places, to close down completely, or to battle against a tough building program of material and labor shortage and CPA restrictions. Mr. Walling had enough faith in the future of Brownsville to raze the old building and start gathering his supplies for new fire proof structure. It was after several weeks effort of the builder and townspeople that the CPA approval was received and the go signal cleared actual construction. Opening of the theatre was help up two weeks or more by the delay in delivery of new seats. The shipment was received Tuesday and assembly will start today.

The 306 new full cushion seats are designed for comfort and attractiveness.

Air Condition System

Installed in the basement of the new Linn Theatre is a modern air conditioning furnace for even distribution of heat in the winter and cool air in hot weather.

A marquee has been built for protection from the rain of patrons entering the building and for lighting and display of coming attractions.

New carpets have been laid in the foyer and aisles.

Patrons of the theatre will be delighted by the new electrically operated curtain, the first to be used in Brownsville. New equipment also includes a motiograph and complete projection equipment and a 12 x 16 foot screen.

There will three changes of shows each week, starting Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, with closing on Tuesday nights. Mr. Walling is considering a matinee program for Saturday and Sunday afternoon, but will not start with this program. An effort will be made to bring to the screen the pick of shows, although not the latest releases. For those who enjoy the western shows, Roy Rogers pictures this year are in technicolor and are rated high by the western fans.

Watch for the latest in theatre news each week in the times.

Source:  Brownsville Times, April 17, 1947.


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