The Police Blotter

A young man named Seymour Glandon was arrested in Ashland Tuesday by Deputy Sheriff Logan on a warrant from Polk county, where he is wanted to answer on a charge of seduction. (The Oregonian, October 7, 1886)

Sussex Courts open. Continue but four days. One trial of note was Jacob Kimble vs. James R. Inglis, for seduction of daughter. Verdict $300. (Newspaper Clippings from the Sussex Register. 1887-1899. Newton, N.J.: The Register. Originally published August 15, 1837)

Miller, S.D., March 19. — The sheriff has brought in Willard Davis, charged with store breaking. Dave and John Rorick have also been arrested. It develops that an organized band has been operating here for some time. (Bismarck Tribune, March 19, 1894, and  Aberdeen Daily News, March 19, 1894)

BURGLARIES IN DECKERTOWN: Burglars were at work in Deckertown, Wednesday night. They entered the residence of Mayor Margarum and ransacked the lower part of the house, but only got $6, which they took from Miss Mary Margarum’s purse. (Middletown Daily Argus, March 23, 1894)

Levi Lateer was arrested, to-day, on the charge of keeping a disorderly house in the North End. He pleased not guilty and demanded a jury trial, and gave bail for his appearance from trial on Friday. (Middletown Daily Argus, August 31, 1896)

The case against of the people vs. Levi Lateer, charged with keeping a disorderly house at the North End, was called before the Recorder this morning. The defendant was discharged, the complainant failing to put in an appearance. (Middletown Daily Argus, September 22, 1896)

Mrs. Thelma B. Brown, 41, of 808 Luck avenue was fined $10 and court costs Thursday in Municipal Court after she pleaded guilty to a charge of reckless operation. Mrs. Brown was charged Wednesday after she parked her auto and opened her car door into the path of a car driven by Charles F. Hutchinson, 35, of 739 Homewood. The accident occurred on Homewood avenue. (Zanesville Times Recorder, February 28, 1964)

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