News about Some of the Husbands of Rosalie Walling Deweese Gile Guile Turner

GUILE—At his late residence in St. Johns, May 25, William Henry Guile, age 67. A soldier of the Civil War.  

Source: Oregon Daily Journal, May 26, 1910.

Declaring that the last she had seen or heard of her husband was give years ago, Rosalie Turner has filed suite for divorce against William Turner. He left the following note she the [sic] left, she said:

“Dear Rosalie: Forgive your unhappy old man, but it has to be. We must part for awhile. I wish the armies of all countries were destroyed. I am just starting east and will write when it is safe to do so. Goodbye and God bless the best woman on earth.”

The Turners were married in this city in 1912.

Source: Oregon Daily Journal, March 17, 1918.

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