Remember When?

This is one of the old stages [pictured in original] which was operated in 1920 between Fresno and Kingsburg by John C. Walling and C.H. Alexander. It carried 12 passengers and had side curtains which were pulled down during inclement weather. Walling and his father, A.E. Walling, pioneered the first motorized stage lien between Fresno and Madera. Mrs. Jessie W. Millard of 3036 East Pine Avenue, a daughter of Walling, said her father drove the stage to Fresno and her grandfather made the trip back to Madera, rotating their trips through the week. The Wallings, after moving here from Madera, formed a partnership with Alexander in the stage line operation, serving all principal cities between Merced and Bakersfield. The stage line was sold in 1924 to the California Transit Company which was later taken over by the Pacific Greyhound Lines. Walling also operated a ranch in the Fowler district and at one time owned the Lakeshore resort at Huntington Lake. He died in 1961.

Source:  The Fresno Bee-Republican, June 2, 1963


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