Realous Walling

ORDERED TO PENITENTIARY — Realovis [sic] Walling, a young man of 20, who completely upset the town of Irrigon, in Morrow County, was ordered committed to the penitentiary for one year by Judge Frazer yesterday.  Walling was sentenced in November last on a larceny charge, and was paroled during good behavior.  He was given work at Irrigon, and he associated with a woman of bad repute, broke up the social dances, lodges and caused trouble generally. Walling was once a vaudeville performer, and considers himself a ladies’ man.  When he was paroled he was instructed by Judge Frazer to live as near as possible a perfect life until the terms of his parole expired.  Judge Frazer yesterday investigated the case, and decided that the charges against Walling of misconduct were true.

Source:  The Oregonian, March 21, 1906.

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