Otto Downard Court Cases

Otto Downard has started a suit in the district court against Jacob Rein and his wife, Sarah Rein, for the purpose of recovering $133.75.  Plaintiff claims that in January, 1905, he purchased of defendant lots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 in block 18 of Hyde Park addition to Boise for $1400.  In the warranty deed he received, he says, no mention was made of any encumbrances against the property, but he later discovered a sewer assessment amounting to $104.65 remained unpaid.  A part of the property was sold, he says, to satisfy the city’s lien and he was compelled to put up the $104.65 and the sum of $29.10 to recover possession.  Now he wants the persons who sold him the property to settle.  (Idaho Statesman, April 25, 1906)

CALDWELL — Because he came to the conclusion two or three days after making the deal that he had been defrauded when he paid $92.50 for a horse, Otto Downard of Middletown caused the arrest of Earl Kelly of this city.  Kelly made an appearance before Probate Judge Frank E. Meek Wednesday.  On hearing the facts in the case both Judge Meek and Prosecuting Attorney Alfred E. Stone were convinced that Downard wished his money back far more than he desired prosecution of the defendant, and dismissed the case.  (Idaho Statesman, March 8, 1917)

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