Did You Know That? (excerpt)

The pretty red brick residence just north of Seneca, occupied by Mr. and Mrs. John P. Rorick, Jr., was built in 1868 by his great grandfather, Casper Rorick and his wife Nancy (Breese) Rorick.  The brick was made at a brick-yard in Canandaigua and was hauled to the Rorick farm to build the house.

In their diary one item says that Casper Rorick drove an ox team into Ohio a long ways to get a load of salt.  Arriving home late, he unloaded the salt by the barn.  The next morning when Mr. Rorick went to do his chores he was much vexed to find that a drove of deer had ben there in the night and had eaten a lot of the salt.  He had to put rails around the salt after that.

Source:  Morenci Observer, September 18, 1958.


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